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Sports Relief 2016 - Friday 18th March


Friday the 18th March. Apprehensively, the playground began to fill with excited, active and determined children. This was the day they had to accept and attempt the challenges that they had been set.

Nursery and Reception had been challenged to scoot the distance between Heanor and Ripley. The children brought their scooters to school and dashed straight into Miss Harrison asking her what time they could start their challenge. The enthusiasm was too much for one classroom so Nursery and Reception began their challenge almost immediately. The children cheered each other on and supported their peers as they scootered around and around the circuit desperately hoping to succeed in their challenge. The atmosphere was incredible and it is therefore no surprise that these fantastic children succeeded in their challenge and made a big difference by raising the money for Sport relief.

Year 1 and 2 also entered the playground with their scooters in hand and motivation to succeed. Year 1 and 2 had to scoot the distance from Derby and Nottingham which meant that every individual child had to scoot around the circuit eight times! The pressure was on and the determination to succeed apparent. Year 1and 2 had almost completed their distance they had one group left, those that had done it were stood around cheering their classmates on and hoping that they would complete their challenge together. As the last person completed the last part of their final circuit the playground erupted into shouts of happiness and you could see all the children congratulating one another, it was fantastic to be part of.

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 began the day with gossip as Miss Stallion had told them that their challenge involved rowing, a piece of gym equipment which uses every muscle of the body. Eager faces appeared at the gym doors as some members of staff battled with technology to get the race set up. 09:30 arrived and a wave of blue, red, yellow and green stormed through the gym halls. The excitement filled the hall and it was time to begin the challenge with Y 3 and 4 taking the first stint, the teams raced and raced with supportive cheers threatening to break through the doors. The children were united as one to achieve the challenge they had been set. Then it came to the change over period, there was one child either side of the foot rest, one holding the puller and one helping the exhausted rower back to their feet. The teamwork was fantastic and also evident when Year 5 and 6 did their stint in the afternoon!

It was a fantastic day and one where the whole school was united, the money raised is all going to a fantastic charity and it was a pleasure to be part of! Well done, Coppice! A huge thank you must also go to Miss Stallion and Mrs Clarke for organising this fantastic day!