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Hello and welcome to the Woodpeckers class page!

We are a fabulous class of Year 5 children

 Meet the team!

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 Mrs S Ellis


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                                                  Mrs Fowkes                         


In the Summer Term our learning will be based around the topic of South America.



Week 1 : Question

Where is Brazil and which countries are in South America?

Week 2: Question

What is the landscape like in Brazil?

Week 3: Question

How does the climate in Britain compare to South America?

Week 4: Question

Which trade and commerce impacts upon South America?

Week 5: Question

Week 6: Question

Does the economic activity impact upon the settlement in Brazil?

Week 7: Question

Week 8: Question

What are the physical Geographical features of South America?

Week 9: Question

How does the economic activity affect the rainforest?

Week 10: Question

What are the significant geographical features of Rio De Janeiro?

Week 11: Question

What is the importance of the carnival in Brazil and what is its impact on economic activity?

Week 12: Question

How does the rainforests inspire artists work?

Week 13: Question

How does the rainforests inspire artists work?

Week 14: Question

How does the rainforests inspire artists work?


         Our trip to Cromford Mill!

Look at the photos to see what fun we had learning about the Industrial Revolution at Cromford Mill in November.


In Literacy this term we will be covering a range of genres, these are as follows: 


  • Non Chronological Report writing - Animals of the Rainforest.
  • Newspaper Report Writing - Tribes living in the Rainforest.
  • Stories from another culture - Rite of Passage.
  • Rainforest Poetry.
  • Legends - The Wings of the Butterfly Folktale and The Hero Twins.
  • Journey to the River Sea.
  • Journey to the River Sea comprehension story.





Maths-banner.jpg (3528×830)


In Maths this term we will be covering a range of concepts and themes, these are as follows: 

Weeks 1 - 2: Number - Decimals

Weeks 3 - 4: Fractions

Weeks 5 - 7: Geometry - Properties of Shapes

Week 8 : Position and Direction

Week 9 - 10: Measure - Volume and Converting Units

Week 11 - 12: Problem Solving

Week 13 - 14: Mastery Activities



In Science this term we will be learning about Animals, including Humans.

  1. Week 1: Can I explain how babies grow and develop?

    Week 2/3: Can I describe the changes as humans develop to old age in the context of the development of childhood?

    Week 4: Can I describe the changes as humans, develop to old age in the context of puberty and adolescence?

    Week 5: Can I describe the changes as humans develop to old age in the context of the development of old age?

    Week 6/7: Can I describe the changes of the human development from the foetus through to old age?



Here are the end of Year 5 expectations we will be working towards throughout the year! 

Word iconAssessment End of year 5 expectations    


Have a look at our Year 5 non negotiables for Maths and Literacy. This is what we expect Year 5 children to be able to do! 


Ambassador Awards 2017-2018

This year we have incorporated the Learning Passport within a document that recognises children’s achievements in school and the wider community. What is expected in order for children to achieve their ’Ambassador Award’ comes under 4 headings:

  • Citizenship
  • Relationships
  • Learning
  • Behaviour and conduct

Each section has elements that underpin the values that as a school we hold dear. We believe that learning is something that continues every minute of the waking day and it is important to recognise children’s achievements not only in lessons but beyond. Adults in school will discuss each section with the children and how they can meet the criteria identified; we are hoping that the children will be able to take some ownership of the passport themselves!

Have a look at the Ambassador leaflet to find out more and look through 'Steps to Success' passport the Year 5 children will be working through this year to help them achieve their Ambassador Awards!

Information leaflet


Help at Home

You can help your child at home by:

  • Supporting your child with their Learning log tasks. These are set at the beginning of a topic and  the children will have the whole half term to complete their chosen tasks. There is a wide range of tasks for the children to select from!  
  • Practising spellings sent home ready for the weekly test.
  • Talk about what they are learning in class that week.
  • Encourage your child to read out any writing they complete at home to check it makes sense and talk about the punctuation they have used.
  • We would ask parents to encourage their children to practise all of their times tables. 

Maths at home

Useful information and games

 My maths -



Diary Dates for this term

Monday 4th June - Inset Day – School closed for the children

Tuesday 5th June - Back to school for the children

Wednesday 20th June - KS2 (am) and Reception/KS1 (pm) sports day – this is weather permitted!

Thursday 21st June - Class group photographs

Wednesday 27th June – Woodpeckers class – Visit to HGSC for a curriculum taster day

Wednesday 4th July - Fun day for the children – Fox Cubs class and Squirrels class will be having time on the bouncy castle!! There will be a climbing wall for Ladybirds, Hedgehogs, Badgers and Owls and KMX karts for Woodpeckers and Kestrels.

Wednesday 4th July - Parents information evening at HGSC for children moving there in September 2018.

Thursday 5th July -Whole school transition day for all classes.

Monday 16th July - Summer Fair in the afternoon. More details to follow.

Tuesday 17th July - Ambassador Assembly. You will receive a letter informing you if your child is collecting an award.

Wednesday 18th July – Year 6 PROM in the evening

Friday 20th July - Last Day of term