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School dinner money changes

3rd May 2013


Dear Parent/Carer


School dinner money changes


Due to recent changes within the local authority the catering budget has now been allocated to the school.  This means that now the school takes sole responsibility for managing the payments of all dinner monies and chasing up any debt that is occurred.  This can mean a debt of up to £500 per term that the school can ill afford in the current economic climate.


With this in mind the governors of the school have taken the difficult decision to amend existing policies regarding the collection of dinner money and the accumulation of any dinner money debt.  This means as from Tuesday 7th May we will no longer be able to allow any accumulation of debt to take place that is over one week.


This means the following:


  • If you owe £9.50 or more at the beginning of the week the school will not be able to provide a meal for your child/ren.
  • Until the debt is paid we advise you to provide your child with a packed lunch.
  • If your debt is unpaid and your child is not provided with a packed lunch the school will contact you initially.  This will enable you the opportunity to either bring dinner money or a packed lunch to school.
  • May I remind you that it is not the school’s legal obligation to provide each child with a hot meal, just to ensure that a hot meal is available to them.  As parents it is your duty to ensure your child is provided with the right nutritional requirements throughout the day.

If you have any concerns regarding the new procedures please contact the school and organise an appointment to speak to Mrs Bestwick or Mrs Seaton, so that an agreed solution can be met.

May I take this opportunity to remind you that your child/ren may be entitled to free school meals if you are in receipt of on-going income support or income based job seekers allowance.  Your local Area Education Officer will be able to advise you Tel: 01773 744741

 Yours sincerely

 Mrs A Seaton