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Learning Behaviour Passports

We are introducing a new initiative called a ‘Behaviour for Learning Passport’. This is a way of encouraging behaviour that will support good learning.

Many of the children are very diligent in doing everything asked of them and this is a way of recognising and rewarding their efforts.

From Easter 2014 every child from Reception to Year 6 will have a passport and can earn credits for things such as good attendance, completing homework, good behaviour, correct uniform and PE kit,  responding to marking and attending school events such as choir or sports.

Children can earn bronze, silver and gold star awards. There will be a special award ceremony which parents will be invited to as your child achieves each of these.

At the end of the year for children who achieve the gold standard we will hold a special event which these children will be able to attend, as well as entry into a prize draw for a substantial gift (e.g. bike or £100 worth of gift vouchers etc )

Your child’s passport will be kept in school where it will be safe and form part of a class display.  A copy of the passport can be viewed by clicking on the link below this will help you support your child to achieve each landmark. 


PDF icon Behaviour for learning Passport

Please note that the behaviour ladder will still be in place to encourage good day to day behaviour.