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 Welcome to Year 3! We are the Badgers, known for being hardworking and loyal! We have lots of exciting things happening this term, please scroll down to view what we are doing in Maths, English and Topic. 
Click here to view the Year 3 timetable for Summer 1


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P.E. Kits

P.E. for Year 3 this half term is Monday and Thursday.  Please ensure that your child has their P.E. kit on those days. Please also make sure that all items are clearly marked with your child's name. This half term we are learning how to ply hockey and use our gymnastic skills.


                                                      Forest school

For the whole of Autumn term Badger class (Year 3) have been split into two groups so all children in the class come to Forest Schools for an afternoon each week. The children are loving this experience and can’t wait for our weekly sessions. So far we have made Forest School bracelets, explored the Forest School site and begun to learn about our boundaries, used sticks to spell our names and to make different structures in the forest as well as learning some circle time games. Oh and we have explored mud! We looked like mud monsters a couple of weeks ago when we discovered mud and huge puddles which of course we had to jump in! If you can’t do this in Forest Schools when can you do it???!!! All of the Badger class have created their own Forest School names so ask a member of Badger class to find out what their name is! My name is Miss Hedgehog Harrison! A little bit of an alliteration challenge was set to the children and they amazed me!

Badger class will continue Forest Schools after the holidays and we will be exploring how to make shelters (in the winter we will need them!), use knots for a range of purpose, making tree faces and going on a nature hunt. We are inviting parents and carers from Badger class to come and join us for a session in Forest Schools. This will be either 20th November or 21st November depending which day your child comes to Forest Schools! Make sure you come prepared and dressed for wet and cold weather. We will treat you to a warming hot chocolate at the end of the session!









Please look at the literacy non-negotiables to see what is expected in Year 3

This term the children will continue to develop their comprehension skills and also have lots of opportunities to enjoy reading independently, in small groups and as a whole class. Our focus will be on improving the children's knowledge and understanding of grammar and punctuation skills to ensure children continue to make large steps forward in line with the Government's requirements. As writers we will be developing our fiction and non fiction through a variety of genres and using technology to support. We will be learning about Greek Mythology and writing our own Myth! We will also be writing a balanced argument - should Sparta and Athens go to war?                                    


Information for parents

Games  -

Please look at the maths non-negotiables to see what is expected in Year 3

The children will access daily lessons including place value, data handling, shape and measure. Activities will include games, investigations and exercises. The children be continue to learn about all about fractions: how to find unit and non-unit fractions and how to find equivalent fractions using resources to further develop and support their learning. During this term we are also looking at capacity, telling the time and symmetry. 

We would ask parents to encourage their children to practice their x 2 x 5 and x10 tables.  In year 3 we will be learning more about the x 3 x 4 and x8 tables. 

 Topic: Ancient Greece

We are learning all about Ancient Greece this half term and comparing it to Modern Greece! We have learned lots of interesting facts about Greece so far and we really enjoyed our Greek afternoon with Miss Panayiota. We tasted Greek food, learned some Greek phrases, spelt our name in Greek and even learned some traditional dancing!

Here is the homework for the next term

Click here to view the Summer 1 homework on Ancient Greece

 Week 1: Who were the Ancient Greeks?

To start our Summer term off with a bang we have an Ancient Greek experience day! During this in school visit, we will learn all about Ancient Greek life and culture,  followed by dressing up as Greek warriors and competing in the Olympic games! Following the letter that was sent out the previous term, children can come dressed as a Greek child and bring in their homemade weapons (made of cardboard only please!)

Week 2: How did the Greeks govern themselves?

Democracy was really important to the Greeks, especially in Athens, and it is still important today! During this lesson the children will be looking into how the citizens of Athens used democracy to make decisions and compare it to the City Sparta and democracy in the UK. 

Week 3: What sports did they play?

This week the children are going to be researching the history of the Olympic games! We will be investigating the different sports that were played and the meaning behind these games. Why is it called the Olympic games? We are going to be learning how evidence from pottery has led us to understand what happened in the past and then compare the sports played to the sports that are currently played in the Olympics. 

Week 4: What was the origin of the Marathon?

This week we are looking at the Battle of Marathon! The children will be learning about what happened and why it was called the Battle of Marathon, making links to the Olympic games sporting event. We are going to be actors for this lesson and act out the conversation between the Athenians and the Spartans. Why didn't the Spartans come to help fight against the Persians? How do the Athenians feel about this? From this, we are going to write an diary entry from the perspective of an Athens warrior. 

Week 5: Who were the Gods and Goddesses of Greece?

This week we are learning all about the famous Gods and Goddesses! The children are going to gather research about their favourite God or Goddess and create a fact file to showcase to the rest of the class. We are then going to look at Greek myths and invent a new myth including some of the Gods.

Week 6: What happened in the Trojan War?

During this week  the children are going to learn how the Greeks tricked the Trojans into letting them through their gates for battle! We will be doing a range of freeze frames to explain what happened and also learn how we have the evidence to prove this actually happened! Using these freeze frames we are going to write a recount of this historical event. 

Week 7: What did the Greeks eat?

For the final week of term we are going to be making our own Greek salad freshly grown from our own vegetable patch - lets hope there is no more snow! The children will be learning how the Greeks produced food and their trade links around the country and the islands.

Book week

It was great to see so many of Year 3 dress up for World Book day! We had some fantastic costumes. The book we had chosen was Gangsta Granny, we had some great ideas on how to steal the Crown Jewels!


At the end of the first term the children have produced some fantastic homework and a lot of time and effort has gone into it - I couldn't be more proud! 

Look at our gallery below to see all the exciting activities we have done in Year 3 so far.


Homework Schedule

 Every half term the children will choose one or more activities from the homework sheet to complete in their learning log. These will be due in at the end of the term where we will showcase the children's amazing work to our peers.

click here to see homework

Spellings: Image result for spelling bees

Children will be given spellings on Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday giving you a whole week to practice before the test!  Please ensure that spellings books are in school on Monday.

Numeracy  : Image result for 123

Mymaths numeracy homework will be set on a Wednesday and should be handed in on the following Wednesday. Your username are the first four letters of your first name and the first four letters of your surname. The password for Year 3 is pig.


Reading as much as possible will really help your child’s progress at school. For their learning passport they must have read twice a week all term.  Please remember to use the Bug Club site where there are a number of books geared to your child's needs and fun activities.

Purple mash: 

Purple mash is a fun and an educational site that will help your child's progress in all areas of the curriculum. Please remember to use your child's individual username and password which will be stuck into their reading records. We will be delving into purple mash starting from September!

 Diary Dates for the new term

 Monday 9th April - Back to School

 Friday 13th April - Go Greek school visit

Tuesday 24th April - Class assembly at 2:45pm. All parents are welcome to come and see what Year 3 have been learning!

Thursday 24th May - Ambassador Assembly for KS2 at 10:00am

Friday 25th May - Last day of term

Monday 4th June - Inset day

Tuesday 5th June - First day of the new term