Coppice Primary

Planting the seeds of
growth and

Breakfast Club

Run by Teaching Assistants each day.

Breakfast made by Miss Bagguley.


We are open Monday to Friday 7.30a.m - 8.45a.m

Breakfast is provided between 7.30a.m and 8.10a.m 


The cost is £13.75 a week, emergency provision is provided at £4.00 per session.



Breakfast - What do we provide?


Rice krispies, cornflakes, Weetabix


Jam, beans, butter


Drinks of milk, juice and water


A variety of activities are provided each day for example lego, colouring sheets/books, dominoes, jigsaw puzzles, games and books to read.

We offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where children from Reception to Y6 mix and work well together.


From September 2022 cost will be £2.75 per day, £13.75 per week. The emergency provision will remain at £4.00 per session.


All parents will be asked to sign a contract for the breakfast club sessions. All parents will be asked to drop their children off at breakfast club and sign their children in.


 For more information about the changes, please pop into the school office and speak to Mrs Faghy or Ms Baumforth.