Coppice Primary

Planting the seeds of
growth and



The Coppice Primary School buddies have been selected and had training on how to deal with any problems that may occur on the playground. They have learnt how to solve friendship issues; disagreements and they know when it is an issue that they cannot solve and require an adult. The buddies this year have already been incredibly impressive and have respect from staff and other children in the role that they have. The buddies all have a rota and every day there is a Y5 and a Y6 buddy on duty at all times. They can be identified on the playground as they all have a buddy badge and when on duty they are able to wear a bright green buddy hoody. All incidents that the children deal with are recorded in a notebook which is then given to Mrs Jarvis - any huge concerns and incidents are reported to a member of staff immediately. The children are also aware of safeguarding procedures and know that they cannot keep secrets as they may have to tell an adult yet they understand confidentiality and do not repeat sensitive information to their peers yet they may need to tell an adult - this ensure that our children are happy and safe at all times!