Coppice Primary

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growth and

Chocolate day!


On Wednesday 27th January 2016, Year 3 and 4 had a fun packed day learning all about the Mayas and chocolate. They spent the morning being taken on a journey from a cocoa bean and the destination being chocolate, the children learnt all about how chocolate is related and the different processes a cocoa bean has to go through! The Chocolatier was hugely impressed by the knowledge our students showed and they were a true credit to our school. After break time the children were shown different models all made from chocolate, there were fish, shoes and even a Santa clause! The children were thoroughly engaged throughout and got to prove their knowledge by having a teachers Vs children quiz before lunch. The winning team got to take all the chocolate, spirits were high and the competition became heated however the true winners were announced and the children had shown such outstanding knowledge it is not surprising they won! After lunch, the children were split into groups of four half the team were from Year 3 and the other half were from Year 4 they had to design a chocolate pizza and were given sweets in a bag to use as their ingredients. Once the children had designed their pizza they were given the opportunity to bring into life where they had to practice their team work skills and taking it in turns to place the sweets on the pizza following the design that they had created. The day then ended by announcing the top three girls and boys from each year group, these children were chosen based on their questioning skills, speaking and listening skills and the general enthusiasm. The children and teachers all had a fantastic day and it was great to see their knowledge and personal skills brought to life in a hands on learning experience!