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 Phonics information

The website below offers daily letters and sounds lessons online.  The majority of children in Year 2 should be accessing the year 2 phonics screening check revision lessons in preparation for the end of November when they will sit the screening check that was missed in the summer term.  If you know your child needs a little more help in phonics then consider looking at the Year 1 lessons or even the learning to blend lessons.

Important Information for September 2020


Hello and welcome to the class page for Hedgehogs class, formerly known as Year 2. 

Miss Jephson and Mrs Deverill are the class teachers in Hedgehogs class and Mrs Shanley is our wonderful teaching assistant and Mrs Clarke works in our classroom in a morning on a Monday to Thursday.

Class Teachers


Miss Jephson (Monday- Wednesday) and
Mrs Deverill (Wednesday-Friday)

Teaching Assistants

    Mrs Shanley  (All week)                 Mrs Clarke 

                                                                        (Monday-Thursday mornings)                                                                              

This term’s topic;


This is Me!


Homework tasks for Autumn 2 2020

Week 1

What makes me, me?


We will start our topic by drawing self portraits. We will learn to draw our facial features firstly by completing half of our face from a photograph and then we will have a try at a complete self portrait using pencil and then finally chalk.

Week 2

What do we mean by diversity? What is equality? Who is Rosa Parks? Why is she an important figure in history?


 This week we will look at what is meant by diversity and equality. We will do this by finding out about the famous person- Rosa Parks. We will find out what she did, discuss why is was important and how it has changed history.
Why was she a heroine for so many people?

Week 3- Topic Wow day!

What is a healthy diet? Who is Picasso and what style of painting is he famous for?  What makes people a hero? Who are real life everyday heroes?


This week we will spend a whole day on our topic. We will look at healthy eating and we will be evaluating, tasting, designing and making our own vegetable root salads as part of our design and technology work; linked to our topic. We will also look at the famous artist Picasso and we will be finding out about him and creating our own Picasso style portraits. It is also our Flu vaccination day today so we will be visited by real life heroes- nurses. Hopefully we will get an opportunity to ask some questions about the heroic work that they do!


Week 4

Who was Florence Nightingale? Why was she a heroine?

 This week we will learn about the famous nurse Florence Nightingale. We will learn about her life and find out what she did to help others and how she changed nursing for the better.


Week 5

Who was Mary Seacole? Why was she famous?

In our lesson this week we will look at another very important and famous person in history-Mary Seacole. We will find out who she was and learn about her life and discover why she was a famous heroine.


 Who was Edith Cavell? Why was she a famous nurturing nurse?

This week we will learn about a third significant person in British history- Edith Cavell. We will about her life and discover what heroic things she did to help solider's in war time.


Week 7

What are the similarities and differences between Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell?


In our final week we will compare the 3 nurses that we have learnt about during our topic lessons. We will say how they are different or similar to each other.

To see the overview for the half term click below:

This is Me

Click here to see our Autumn 2 timetable


This term we will focus on Healthy animals including humans.  We will be learning about life cycles of chicks and also learning about the human life cycle and how we change from baby right through to being elderly.  We will be learning about what we need in order to stay alive.  As part of this learning we will also be finding out about healthy eating and the different food groups, using the eatwell plate.  We will be investigating the effect of exercise on our bodies and using pulse meters to measure our heart rate.  We are going to be very busy!



Image result for pshe

 Drug Education

This term we will understand the role of drugs as medicines. We will discuss how and why medicines should be used and stored safely. We will explore the importance of physical, mental and emotional health and how to make informed choices.


In our ICT lessons this term we will use Purple Mash to learn about creating pictures.  We will be learning about different types of art such as impressionism and pointillism and using tools in the art programme to recreate these styles.


In RE we will be answering the question: Why do Christians believe God gave Jesus to the world?

Our theme will be: Christmas- Jesus as a gift from God

During this unit of work we will be be looking at the story of Christmas and discussing why Christians believe that God sent Jesus to save the world. We will also discuss that Christians look forward to Christmas as the time of Jesus's birth.


Related image

Our PE days for the first half of the Autumn term are Tuesdays and Fridays. On a Tuesday we will do Handball with Mr Singh and on a Friday we will do net and wall games with Mrs Deverill.

Don't forget to come to school in your PE uniform on these days! (See the top of this webpage for uniform details)


 We begin our literacy this term using the story 'Elmer' to help us to learn how we are all unique and special in our own ways.  We will be concentrating on sequencing events in the story and understanding how they are linked and describing the character and settings.  We will then move on to creating a story map and innovating it so that we can write a very similar story with one small change throughout it.  Following this we will be learning how to write non-chronological reports - we will focus on elephants initially as we will have just finished reading the Elmer stories.  Then we will move on to use Oliver Jeffers' books 'The day the crayons quit' and the 'The day the crayons came back' - once again celebrating how we are all special.  Towards the end of the term we will turn out focus to the significant people that we are learning about through our topic work and we will use non-fiction texts to find out about Edith Cavell.  Finally we will apply our learning about non-chronological reports to write our own reports about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

Phonics will be taught for 30 mins for 5 days a week. Spellings will be taught through phonics and will not be sent home or tested.   We will be teaching phonics as a whole class following the letters and sounds scheme of work. 

This year we are moving to a  whole class and individual or small group reading model.  Every day the children will have a whole class reading session using a text linked to or which is being used in their literacy lessons.  Each day there will be a focus on vocabulary or comprehension.  Additionally the children will spend one session per week in the school library and another session reading for pleasure.  To begin with during these sessions all children will read 1:1 with the class teacher.  As the year progresses the children will move to reading in very small groups. 

Click here to read our literacy non-negotiables for year 2

Help at Home

You can help your child at home by:

  • Practising spellings.
  • Talk about what they are learning in class that week.
  • Encourage your child to read out any writing they complete at home to check it makes sense.
  • Read with your child at least 3 times a week.



In Maths we will be looking at:

* Multiplication and division- We will recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2x, 5x and 10x tables, including recognising odd and even numbers. We will calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division within the multiplication tables and write them using the correct symbols.

* Addition and subtraction- We will learn that addition is the inverse of subtraction and that addition of 2 numbers can be done in any order but subtraction cannot. We solve simple addition and subtraction problems in a practical context eg giving change

* Measures (Length)- We will look at and practise measuring length/height using centimetres and metres. We will oder and compare different lengths.

* Measures (Money)- We will look at money  and  recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p). We will also combine amounts to make a particular value and we will look at coins that equal the same amounts of money.

*Geometry (2D shape)- We will identify and describe properties of 2D shapes, including the number of sides. We will also compare and sort 2D shapes.

Help at Home

  • Talking about the learning they have done in  class.
  • Practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and learn them as times tables
  • Practise recalling addition and number facts to 20.
  • Encouraging your child to count - add money, count out objects, calculate how many will be left, estimate how many there are etc...
  • Practise telling the time.

Click here to read our maths non-negotiables for year 2

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Learning Log Challenges  will be given out at the beginning of term and the children can select which activities they would like to do to make a given total of points! These activities need to be returned to school by the end of the term!

Homework for Autumn2 2020 

Year 2 expectations

Letters home

Ambassador Awards 2020-2021

This year we will continue with the Ambassador Awards that recognise children’s achievements in school and the wider community. What is expected in order for children to achieve their ’Ambassador Award’ comes under 4 headings:

  • Citizenship
  • Relationships
  • Learning
  • Behaviour and conduct

Each section has elements that underpin the values that as a school we hold dear. We believe that learning is something that continues every minute of the waking day and it is important to recognise children’s achievements not only in lessons but beyond. Adults in school will discuss each section with the children and how they can meet the criteria identified; we are hoping that the children will be able to take some ownership of the passport themselves!

Have a look at the Ambassador leaflet to find out more and look through 'Steps to Success' passport the Hedgehog children will be working through to help them achieve their Ambassador Awards!

Hedgehogs Ambassador Passport

Ambassador leaflet

 Diary Dates  

Tuesday 3rd November - Nursery and School reopens 

Tuesday 3rd November - Interim reports sent home

Wednesday 11th November - Remembrance Day

16th November - Anti-bullying week

Wednesday 18th November - Flu immunisation

Wednesday 18th November - topic wow Wednesday

Wednesday 9th December - Reception and KS1 Christmas dinner

Wednesday 16th December - Ambassador passport presentations

Friday 18th December - Christmas Party Day

Friday 18th December - Break up for Christmas

Monday 4th January - INSET day

Tuesday 5th January - School reopens

We want your children to be happy and enjoy coming to school and learning.  If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to speak to any of us so that we can help. Alternatively you can email using the following email addresses.