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Hello and welcome to the Woodpeckers' class page!

We are a fabulous class of Year 5 children

 Meet the team!

Class Teacher


 Mr B Barrass


 Teaching Assistant



                                                  Mrs Fowkes                  Mrs S Thorpe


Here is our Year 5 Timetable!


In the Autumn Term our learning will be based around the Second World War

Week 1 : 

What is a World War?  Why do they start?

Week 2: 

Who was involved in the WWII – Which countries were allies and which were axis?

Week 3: 

Who lead countries to war?

Week 4: 

Where and When did events take place during WWII

Week 5: 

What was the Blitz?  How did people survive?

Week 6: 

D&T – What are Anderson shelters and why were they used? We will create our own shelters. 

Week 7: 

Week 8: 

Why were children evacuated?

Week 9: 

How did rationing affect everyday life?

Week 10: 

What is propaganda?  How did this influence people and their actions?

Week 11: 

What happened to the Jews and other ethnic minorities?

Week 12: 

Holocaust trip

Week 13: 

Why didn’t everyone go to the fight?

Week 14: 

What were the main events in WWII? What other questions do we have?

Week 15:

How has life changed since WWII?  How did people celebrate the end of the War?

Creative Topic Homework 

Homework Breakdown

Week 1-3 (4th -21th Sept): Fact file about World War 2, including the countries involved


  • 1 Point = Pictures or collage of information to present to the class
  • 2 Points = 1 A4 page which includes pictures and writing
  • 3 Points = Mini booklet of organised facts and information
  • 4 Points = Mini booklet which includes a detailed section on axis and allies



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In Literacy this term we will be covering a range of genres and topics, these are as follows: 

  • War Poetry
  • Diary Entries - Adolphus Tips 
  • Radio Broadcast
  • News Paper Articles
  • Cloud Busting 
  • Erica's Story
  • Christmas Adverts 

 Class photos and Work

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In Maths this term we will be covering a range of concepts and themes, these are as follows: 

  • Weeks 1 - 2: Place Value and Rounding
  • Weeks 3 - 4: Multiplication and Division with 10s, 100s, 1000s
  • Weeks 5: Multiplication with 4 digits by 1 digit 
  • Week 6: Line graphs 
  • Week 7-8: Converting Time


Class Work and Photos

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In Science this term we will be learning about Properties and materials 

  • Week 1: Properties of Materials 
  • Week 2: Material Types
  • Week 3: Are Properties Fixed?
  • Week 4: Keeping Cool
  • Week 5: Heat and Melting
  • Week 6: Burning Materials 
  • Week 7-8: Brighter Bulbs
  • Week 9: Disappearing or Dissolving?
  • Week 10: Separating Mixtures  
  • Week 11-13: Reversible and Irreversible Changes
  • Week 14-15: Everyday Materials and their Properties 


Class Work and Photos

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Spellings 08/10/18












Here are the end of Year 5 expectations we will be working towards throughout the year! 

Word iconAssessment End of year 5 expectations    


Help at Home                              You can help your child at home by:
  • Practising spellings sent home ready for the weekly test

  • We are focusing on times tables this year and will be conducting a weekly test 

  • Read for at least 20 Mins each week

  • Encourage children to be creative in their Topic homework which will be set every 2/3 weeks

  • Encourage children to complete their Maths homework on each topic which will be set once a fortnight 


Maths at home

Useful information and games

 My maths -



Diary Dates for this term

Monday 3rd September - Inset Day – School closed for the children

Tuesday 4th September - Back to school for the children

Wednesday 12th September - WW2 dress up day - Activities all day

Friday 30th November - Holocaust Trip