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Welcome to Year 5 Class Page! 

Wood Peckers.


Meet the team

Along with your children, Mrs Kelly and Mrs Fowkes make up the Year 5 team.  Just like woodpeckers, we have lots of energy and work hard, persevere and show resilience until we reach our goals.                                               



TOPIC.  Our main topic for this half term is entitled 'A revolutionary Way of Thinking', which all centres around the Industrial Revolution.  We will be looking back into the past and investigating what the Industrial Revolution was and where it took place. We will also find out about the new developments that came within this time and their impact on people and their lives.

ART.  Our art work this half term will be based around the significant artist L.S Lowry.  We will be investigating his work and producing our own pieces in his style.  We will use paint, pen, pencil and charcoal to produce our works, only using the colours he used as an artist.

MUSIC.  We will continue to learn to play the ukulele again this term on Wednesdays.  They children will continue to build on their knowledge of the chords they learned in the autumn and practice rhythmic strumming and melodic note playing.  We have been learning some fantastic songs with the children singing and playing at the same time.  They really are making terrific progress - long may it continue!

RE. This half term we will complete our second focus on the Sikh religion.  The children will be investigating Sikh stories and talking about special books and how they are treated.  The children will explore the meanings of stories from the Guru Granth Sahib and think about whether their messages apply to just Sikhs or the entire world regardless of people's religious beliefs.       

LITERACY.  The main text we will be studying this half term is called Street Child by Berlie Doherty and tell the tale of a small boy living in Victorian England, who when his  mother die finds himself on a huge adventure of survival.  We think the children will absolutely love the story.  As we read the book we will focus on different chapters and complete a wide range of writing foci, these being: Diaries, persuasive letters, reports and stories.

MATHS.   To start this half term, we will be consolidating work on formal written methods for addition and division. We will continue our work on 3D shape from last half term and we will be investigating nets of shapes and  also be solving word problems based around shape.

We will continue to practice our times tables weekly: aiming to recall them with increasing speed and accuracy. Times tables will be tested on Fridays.  We also hope to escape the classroom as often as we can and take our mathematical learning outside!



This half term we will be exploring the properties of different materials and the way that these properties lend different materials to different purposes.We will be designing our own investigations, learning about variables, taking measurements and drawing conclusions. 

Week 1 - Testing for durability and hardness. Which material would make the best food preparation surface?

Week 2 - How can we keep things hot and/or cold?

Week 3 - Food packaging challenge.

Week 4 - Which materials are the most absorbent?

Week 5 - Which materials make the best electrical insulators and conductors?

Week 6 - Which materials are best for sound proofing?


Every day

  Reading books in school.


  Ukulele lessons.  Hand in topic based homework.


  PE.  PE kits in school. Must be labelled with your child’s name!


  Tables and spelling tests.

  Maths/Literacy homework handed out.

  Maths/Literacy homework handed in.


Monday 6th January - Children return to school.

Friday 10th January - Young Voices concert - Sheffield.


Tuesday 4th February - Internet Safety Day.

Friday 14th February - Last day of term.

Monday 24th February - INSET DAY - School Closed to children.

Tuesday 25th February - School re-opens to children. 



Woodpecker class have PE twice each week on Tuesday and Fridays.  They will need their PE kit in school all week and it is vital that it is labelled clearly with your child’s name.  They will need indoor and warmer outdoor kit to ensure they are able to take part in PE comfortably as the weather gets cooler. 

Please ensure all jewellery is removed in anticipation of these PE sessions.


The theme for homework this half term is based on the Industrial Revolution. The children will have a grid jam packed with activities they can choose to complete.

The children are expected to:

  • Choose a piece of work from the grid each week.
  • Complete one piece of work each week. (Neat, tidy, accurate spelling – take pride).
  • Bring it into school every Wednesday. Then start a new piece for the next week.
  • write the number of the activity on the page on which the homework is done.  This makes allocating points much easier. 
  • Hand your homework in on time.

The number of points for each piece of work are outlined at the top of each column on the grid above. I will keep a record of how many points you score each week.  At the end of each half term, the person with the highest score will receive a prize.

Your child will also be set a piece of maths or literacy work each week.

They are expected to read to an adult three times each week and record this in their diary.

We will have times table tests and spelling tests each Friday.


Ambassador Awards. 

This year we will be continuing with our Ambassador Awards which we launched last year. It was very successful and we had 34 children who earned the ultimate ‘gold’ award in July! During the year the children work towards the different awards by earning credits in their Steps to Success passport. The passport has different sections which recognise children’s achievements in school and the wider community.

The ’Ambassador Award’ comes under four headings:

  • Citizenship
  • Relationships
  • Learning
  • Behaviour and conduct

We believe that learning is something that continues every minute of the waking day and it is important to recognise children’s achievements not only in lessons but beyond. In school we will discuss each section with the children and how they can meet the criteria identified; we are hoping that the children will be able to take some ownership of the passport themselves!

In the evaluation section, I will then initial that I agree that this criteria has been met on a termly basis. Children will then be awarded either a bronze, silver or gold certificate dependent upon the number of criteria achieved (again this will change from year group to year group) 

If you have any further queries about the ‘Steps to Success’ award or any other aspects of this new booklet, please do come and talk to me. 

We are hoping that the children embrace being an ambassador and prove to be great role models for others to follow.  We feel it makes clear to children what we expect at Coppice Primary School.

We feel that this award provides opportunities for every child. It is important to note that the ‘Learner’ aspect of being an Ambassador is not about being the brightest or most gifted – it is about children who ‘opt-in’, participate and remain focused and engaged, always trying their best. It would be absolutely fantastic if you could talk through the booklet with your child and support her/him in completing it as the year progresses.   I have also asked teachers to discuss this booklet with you at the first parents evening in October.

Upon receiving their ambassador award the children will have the option of purchasing an ambassador badge which matches the colour of the award.  Please note that this will not be given out as previously - many badges unfortunately have not been returned, therefore making it hard for the school to sustain the cost of this.  Therefore badges will only be given to those children whose parents have purchased them.   The benefit of this is the badge is yours to keep upon obtaining the given standard.


Please watch this space for other information and insights into the time your children will be spending in Woodpecker Class!

Should you have any queries or questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


 Weekly spellings.

All children in KS2 receive a list of ten words to learn for their spellings each week.  The lists of words include statutory spellings for the year group and spelling rules identified in the National Curriculum. We follow the 'no-nonsense spelling programme which determines the order the spellings are taught. In addition to this, two challenge words will be given to children working at greater depth.  Children with SEND will be given personalised spellings to match their needs.

Children who achieve full marks in their spelling test each week for half a term receive a certificate of recognition at the end of each half term.


Click here to download the spelling lists for Year Five