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Meet the Team!


Mrs E Jarvis ( Class teacher) 
Mr Moreton (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Richards (Teaching Assistant)
Please find our time table below so that you know exactly what to expect each day. Please ensure you come dressed in your PE kit on PE days and ensure that watches and jewellery are not worn and that you have long her tied back. 


As you can see we have PE on Wednesday and Friday. The school day will begin at 08:45 (this is when the register will be completed) the gate will be open from 08:35 and will close at 08:40. The school day will finish at 15:15. On a Friday you may be invited to the celebration assembly if your child has received star of the week or writer of the week, please look out for an email but remember please don't tell them as we want it to be a lovely surprise.


Week 1 :  Question

Who was William Shakespeare?

Week 2:  Question

What influence did William Shakespeare have on plays today?

Week 3:  Question

Is William Shakespeare the greatest playwright of all time?

Week 4:  Question

How important were the Tudor times?

Week 5:  Question

How did the Tudors come into power?

Week 6:  Question

Who were the most influential monarchs in Tudor times?

Week 7:  Question

How did Henry VIII change Great Britain?       

Week 8:  Question

Why did Henry VIII get married so many times?

Week 9:  Question

What was it like to live in Tudor times?

Week 10 Question

What was Crime and punishment like during the Tudor times?

Week 11: Question

How important was exploration to the Tudors?

Week 12 :Question

Who was Sir Walter Raleigh?

Week 13 Question:

Why was Walter Raleigh executed?

Week 14 Question

What was the Spanish Armada?

Week 15 Question

What medicines did the Tudors use and believe in?

 Knowledge Organiser

off with your head knowledge organiser.pdf


Please find below a complete breakdown of what we will be covering in each subject this term:


parent overview.pdf


Our Literacy over the course of this topic will consist of the following books:
Romeo and Juliet
My friend Walter
At home, please read with your child and sign it in their home school diary at least three times a week - the more the merrier! 
We are covering the following skills in Numeracy this term:
  • AT1 Number: Place Value :

    ·        Numbers to 1,000,000

    ·        Numbers to 10,000,000

    ·        Read and write numbers to 10,000,000

    ·        Powers of 10

    ·        Number line to 10,000,000

    ·        Compare and order any integers

    ·        Round any integer

    ·        Negative numbers

    Number: Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction.

    ·        Add and subtract integers

    ·        Common factors

    ·        Common multiples

    ·        Rules of divisibility

    ·        Primes to 100

    ·        Square and cube numbers

    ·        Multiply up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number

    ·        Solve problems with multiplication

    ·        Short division

    ·        Step 10 Division using factors

    ·        Introduction to long division

    ·        Long division with remainders

    ·        Solve problems with division

    ·        Solve multi-step problems

    ·        Order of operations

    ·         Mental calculations and estimation

    ·        Reason from known facts

  • AT2 Number: Fractions

    ·        Equivalent fractions and simplifying

    ·        Equivalent fractions on a number line

    ·        Compare and order (denominator)

    ·        Compare and order (numerator)

    ·        Add and subtract simple fractions

    ·        Add and subtract any two fractions

    ·        Add mixed numbers

    ·        Subtract mixed numbers

    ·         Multistep problems

    ·        Multiply fractions by integers

    ·        Multiply fractions by fractions

    ·         Divide a fraction by an integer

    ·        Divide any fraction by an integer

    ·        Mixed questions with fractions

    ·        Fraction of an amount

    ·        Fraction of an amount – find the whole


    ·        Metric measures

    ·        Convert metric measures

    ·        Calculate with metric measures

    ·        Miles and kilometres

    ·        Imperial measures

It is ESSENTIAL that your child fluently knows their times tables both division facts and multiplication and have quick recall on these. This is ongoing homework for them and is vital to their progress this year - they should have their x tables rockstars password and every Friday whoever is the highest in their challenge group will be rewarded and they will be celebrated in class. If you do not have it then please email me.
We have a brand new award system beginning in Spring 2023!
We now have 12 values that we believe are the beating heart of Coppice and we shall refer to these as our "CARE Values" these have been selected in consultation with our children and staff.
C stands for: co-operation, committed and considerate
A stands for: accepting, aspirational and achieving
R stands for: respectful, responsible and resilience
E stands for: excellent, empathetic and enthusiastic

We are very excited to be starting work on our new values system when we come back in school in January.  Each week we have a new value – 12 in total.  Our first value will be Respect.  The children will have an assembly Monday morning about how to show and give respect to others both in school and at home!  We will be expecting this to be demonstrated to all members of our Coppice community,  it is important that even when we move onto a new value, the old one isn’t lost.


Our new core values will now form the basis of our ambassador passports (these have now been renamed – core value passports and the children can achieve their bronze, silver and gold awards throughout the year for each core value. We will of course keep you informed about how your child is getting on with this throughout the year.


Each week Mrs Seaton will sent out a Newsletter that will reflect the value we are working on so that it can also be supported at home.  We look forward to seeing our children bright and early ready to embrace the new weekly challenges!


Monday 6th November - Back to school

Thursday 9th November - Photo Day!

Friday 10th November - Tudor Day

Friday 17th November - Wear your Pj's for Children in Need

Friday 8th December - Non uniform day - bring a raffle prize

Wednesday 13th December - Flu Vaccinations

Thursday 14th December - KS2 Christmas Carol Concert at Church

                                                Christmas Dinner Day

                                                Young Voices concert for Parents - 3:15pm

Monday 18th December     Christmas Fair

Thursday 21st December    Last day of term - Christmas Party Day

Friday 22nd December        Inset Day


We want your children to be happy and enjoy coming to school and learning.  If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via email using the following email address: