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Egyptian experience!



Y3/4 Egyptian Extravaganza!

On Wednesday 25tH November 2015, the year 3 and 4 children had an ecstatic day at school which was all down to a trip from Cleopatra. She arrived in the morning with two mummies, one of which was life size and one of which had not completed the mummification process. The first job for the children was therefore to complete this process and over the watchful eye of Anubis the children then took their brain mushing tool and placed it up the mummies’ nose to mash the brains, they then tilt the body for the now mushed liquid to run out of the nose into a bowl which was then thrown away. The children then placed their hands into the stomach and removed the following organs; Lungs, liver and stomach.

After completing this mummification, the children had to complete a problem solving based task which consisted of bricks and a plan that they had to follow to build their pyramid, this was given an exciting edge by telling the children their would be a prize for the winner, this encouraged teams to listen, work and respond to each other appropriately and respectively combining numeracy work and PSHE.

The afternoon then consisted of children learning an Egyptian dance, playing a popular Egyptian game of Kalaha and playing other games such as leapfrog. Finally, the day ended by the children being told numerous Egyptian stories and singing our song about Tutankhamun. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and it was a fantastic experience!