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Literacy Area

Welcome to the year 5 Literacy Area!

Here you can see what we are learning about in our Literacy lessons. 

In our SPaG and starter lessons, we will be using six thinking hats to focus our attention on different areas and discussions based on a text. 

Week 1: We will be looking at images that represent World War 2. 


In our main sessions: We will be looking at war poetry

Take a look at some examples of WW2 poetry 

In Week 2 and 3 we will be looking at diary entries based around the book Adolphus Tips.


Although we do not set homework for our Literacy lessons, if you would like to encourage your child further: 

We encourage you to look at different War poems and discuss what you think this could mean. How does this make you feel? What is the poem about? Why have they used this language?