Coppice Primary

Planting the seeds of
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Our School Behaviour Ladder


Good behaviour at school is very important to enable your child to learn and enjoy their time in class.

Just as parents do at home, we are teaching the children how to behave correctly in different situations and making sure that they respect each other and the adults in our school.

Each class has its own set of class rules that the children have drawn up together and agreed with their teacher.

 It is also very important that we have a whole school approach that is consistent for everyone to use.

 We have been working on developing our ‘Behaviour Ladder’ which is based on a reward system for good behaviour and sanctions for poor or inappropriate behaviour. This has been shared and explained to the children and is displayed in each classroom.



Everybody needs to be praised and feel a sense of achievement when they have done something well. In our school children receive verbal praise from adults, stickers and certificates,  Headteacher awards, postcards and texts home.

It is important to remember that every child starts each day fresh however a build up of bad behaviour over a period of time will be closely monitored



Expected Behaviour - Get caught being good! - Verbal praise from teacher or teaching assistant.

Step 1:-  Praise is given from the teacher.

Step 2:-Your name is put up a rung and you get a sticker/stamp for your reward chart.

Step 3:- Good News note from the teacher.

Step 4: You’ve made your way onto the next rung; Headteacher’s praise – you will be given the opportunity to talk about your good behaviour with Mrs Seaton and receive recognition for this.

Step 5: Gold Box Prize which is chosen in Golden Assembly on a Friday.

Step 6:- Special Envelope – If you get this far you can choose one of the special envelopes – these contain rewards such as:  Afternoon tea with the Headteacher, Special Lunch in the Woodland Room, Scooter Session, Cake for the Class, Extra Play for the class or even Ice-Cream!  Many of the awards will be what the children have asked for.



The ladder system is also used to help children when behaviour is not appropriate and is designed to give children choices to stop and make changes. The children realise that there will be consequences for bad behaviour.

Step 1:- An initial verbal warning—the child is asked to think about making the right choices and changing their behaviour.

Step 2:- If behaviour continues to be challenging then the child’s name will be recorded.

Step 3:– If a child continues to behave inappropriately they will have their golden time taken away in 5 minute blocks.

Step 4:- Child will lose their breaktime and a letter/text will be sent home informing you of their behaviour

Step 5:- If behaviour is not corrected at this point then the child will miss part of their lunchtime. If a pupil's name appears in the Lunchtime Behaviour Folder on 3 or more occasions during a month a letter will be sent home to invite Parents to meet with the Headteacher to plan how behaviour can be improved.

Step 6:- They will be sent to work in another year group for half a day.  This will be recorded in the class behaviour book.

If a child receives 2 or more instances of being sent to another class in a week then they will go to see the Head/Deputy Head and a letter will then be sent home.  Parents will be asked to come in for a meeting with the Head. This makes sure that we are working with parents to help support their child’s behaviour.

Step 7:- If a child gets this far down the ladder then they will spend the next day working in seclusion, break time and dinner will also be taken separately to the other children.  Parents will be informed.


Golden Assembly

Every Friday we hold our ‘Golden Assembly’. This is our weekly Celebration assembly when teachers award ‘Star of the Week’ trophies to a child in their class.

The child’s photo will be taken with the trophy and displayed in our ‘Golden Gallery’ for the week. 

Other awards such as: writer and mathematician of the week, music, swimming and sports certificates will be given out during this time.

We love to share the children’s achievements with the whole school, and the  system will extend into lunch and break times.  This will give consistency of approach throughout the whole school day.