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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Mrs Sidaway is our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO).

Mrs Austin/Miss Harrison are our SEND Governors.

We work very hard to make sure your children are happy in school and are ready to learn. If pupils have learning difficulties, we work to ensure the learning is appropriate to their needs. This might mean providing them with a specific plan with work which suits their needs.

We are keen to keep parents and carers informed of pupil progress. If you have any worries or concerns please contact Mrs Sidaway or Miss Harrison on the school number and we will arrange a meeting for you.

The government introduced a new Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in September 2014.

Please go to

for more information on the Derbyshire Offer.

Click here for our SEN and inclusion policy.

This page will be updated with the new SEND information as it is available.