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Primary Sports Funding

The link below explains how the school uses Primary Sports funding to support the physical development of children and enhance the skills of our teachers.

 At Coppice we benefit from the expertise of two Sports Coaches. Mr Singh spends a whole day working with the children from Nursery to Year 6, whilst Mr Husnu teaches one afternoon each week. Our Teachers are able to work with and observe the Sports Coaches in order to develop their own expertise.

We also work with the Amber Valley Partnership. They offer both training and competitions. During this year we have trained a group of Y5 and Y6 pupils to be mini leaders. They have become our 'Playground Pals' and lead a range of games at lunchtimes.

We also regularly take part in sporting competitions. This year we won the Boccia competition held at Alfreton Leisure Centre and have also done well in Handball and Dodgeball competitions.

We take Year 4 swimming during the year, with 30 lessons they are soon able to swim if they have not done so before or further their expertise if they are already competent swimmers.

Primary PE & Sports funding report and action plan for academic year 2017 / 2018


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