Coppice Primary

Planting the seeds of
growth and

School Council



 The aim of the school council is to promote citizenship and to give the children a voice within the school.

Each class elects two children to represent them on the school council. If a child wishes to be considered for election they must be nominated by two others class members and deliver a small speech to the class, outlining their plans and actions as a member of school council.

The school then had a day of voting where a class at a time would enter the hall give their name to two year 6 children who would tick them off, they would then be handed a ballot paper taken to a desk and they would cast their vote before place it into a secure ballot box.

The votes were then counted and those elected were announced in assembly.

School council meet regularly and have a meeting every half term - sometimes twice! They will discuss the minutes from the last meeting and will have an agenda to follow. The minutes are then typed up and handed to Mrs Seaton and put on display for the rest of the school to see!


Our School Council  has a 'School Cabinet' with a Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers for different departments.  The Health and Safety ministers will take part in health and safety walks around the school with Mrs Appleton and one of our governors Mrs Richards. 

Meet our School Cabinet:

Prime Minister -Toby

Vice Prime Minister - Evie


Year 6: Jesse and Kensie

Year 5: Sam and Summer

Year 4: Bailey and Michaela

Year 3: Alfie and Grace

Year 2: Isabelle and Isaac

Year 1:Oliver and Emily