Coppice Primary

Planting the seeds of
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The school day

The School Day

The school gate opens at 8.45am and children are encouraged to come to school at this time so that they can settle into their learning.                        

Nursery                                  Morning Nursery Session

                                       8.45 am                to                11.45am     


Key Stage 1                          9.00 am                to                3.15 pm

Key Stage 2                          9.00 am                to                3.25 pm


Morning Playtime       10.30 am              to                10.45 am


 Reception Lunchtime              11.45am             to                12.45 pm

Key Stage 1  Lunchtime          12.00pm             to                1.00 pm

Key Stage 2  Lunchtime          12.15pm             to                1.15 pm


Breakfast club

 A ‘Breakfast Club’ is held every morning during term time from 7:30 am.   Any queries regarding this should be referred to the Head Teacher or Ms Baumforth in the School Office.


Home Time

Teachers in EYFS and KS1 should accompany children to the door and released to a parent/carer.  If a parent/carer has not arrived the child should wait in the classroom until they arrive, if they have not arrived after 10 minutes of home time the child should then be accompanied to the school office and parent/carers telephoned. 


KS2 teachers release children at 3.25pm.  Years 3 and 4 should be collectd from their classroom doors. All KS2 pupils leave the school via the playground.