Coppice Primary

Planting the seeds of
growth and

The school day

Our normal school day timings are as follows with all children arriving through the playground gate.  There is a 10 minute drop off window and a one way system remains in place with a view to keeping foot traffic moving steadily. Please ensure your child arrives on time!              


Session time


Fox Cubs class (Nursery)  morning session 

8.35am to 11.35am

Main playground gate - drop off

Main gate - pick up 

Squirrels class (Reception) 

Gates open at 8.35am to 3.15pm


Lunch time is 11.45am - 12.45pm

Main playground gate

Ladybirds class (Year One) and Hedgehogs class (Year Two)

Gates open at 8.35 am - 3:15 pm


Lunch time is 12.00pm - 1:00 pm

Main Playground gate

Badgers class (Year Three) and Owls class (Year Four)

Gates open at 8.35 am to 3.15pm


Lunch time is 12.15 pm - 1.15pm

Main Playground gate

Woodpeckers class (Year Five) and Kestrels class (Year Six)

Gates open at 8.35 am to 3.15 pm


Lunch time is 12.15 pm - 1.15pm

Main playground gate

Children may be allowed to walk home with parental permission.




Breakfast club

 A ‘Breakfast Club’ is held every morning during term time from 7:30 am.   Any queries regarding this should be referred to the Head Teacher or Ms Baumforth in the School Office.