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In our Topic this Autumn term, we are looking at World War 2. This is a large topic to cover and some areas may not be in depth as others. So we encourage you to explore and do your own research in these areas to build and develop your knowledge!

Homework Sheet

The homework will be broken down into different areas to ensure we focus on important topics. Each task will be given a points system which you can choose which one you would like to go for. The higher the points, the harder the challenge. The 3 children that receive the most points will win a prize! 

Mr. Barrass and Mrs Fowkes will me marking the homework based on the challenge you have selected, the depth of the research/time undertaken and the quality/neatness of the work. 

Feel free to add your own artistic representation! We encourage to be creative and set it out how you feel best. We will take this into consideration when marking. 

You will be expected to show and tell your objects/work to the class in order to get your points. 

Good luck and have fun!