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Useful, fun and exciting links for children



EYFS - exciting exploration activities for younger children.



KS1 children (5-7 years old)


Busy things! - lots of games and activities. A great site. Just click 'play games'.


Bitesize games!


Infant encyclopedia:




KS2 children (7-11 years old)


Reach wildlife: - a fantastic site for viewing live webcams of animals and bird boxes around the UK.


ICT companion: - loads of helpful information about the ICT you'll study at school.


Oxfordowl: - read over 250 free books and complete maths activities.


Inanimate Alice: Read a digital novel, set in the early years of the 21st century. Inanimate Alice is the story of Alice and her imaginary friend Brad.


Independent music for kids:


Bitesize games!

Oh and for the a real challenge why not try the KS3 page. Get a headstart for secondary school!


Woodlands Junior School.

A great page from a primary school in Kent. It has lots of links to other sites, and is clearly organised.


Safe Search - an internet search engine especially for you!