Coppice Primary

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World War 2 day

On Tuesday 20th September the children were visited by Partake theatre to experience a day in life of somebody during World War 2.

They were able to handle artefacts from the war including clothing, bullets and gas masks. The children were introduced to the concept of dance during that time period and how it was used for social aspects, entertainment and emotional healing for some people as it provided an opportunity for them to escape reality. The children learnt two dances and then performed these later for their parents after decorating the hall with bunting.

The children were also given the opportunity to think about what they would do as a parent regarding the evacuation process, they were asked thought provoking questions before watching a short film that was designed to convince parents to evacuate their children, following this they were asked the same questions as before and looked at how the film would have persuaded people thinking about music, language and image. The children then discussed their worries and concerns regarding evacuation.

Overall they had  a fantastic day and have gained invaluable experience as they have physically held artefacts and have become immersed through role play using different mediums.