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 Hello and welcome to Year 3! We are Badgers, known for being hardworking and loyal!

Please take note of our school times. The school day begins at 08:45 (this is when the register will be completed) the gate will be open from 08:35 and will close at 08:40. The school day will finish at 15:15. Also with our daily assembly, on a Friday you may be invited in if your child has got special envelope or writer of the week so please look out for this on your emails but also please don't tell them as it is a lovely surprise.

We are all here to help you:


Miss Hemsworth (Class Teacher)

Mrs Fowkes, Mrs Clarke, Miss Richards and Mrs Naylor




 Please click on the link below to access our class timetable for Summer 1 so that you can see what is happening each day: 

Year 3 Summer 2 Timetable


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P.E. this half term is on a Tuesday and  Friday afternoon. The children will have a tennis and bucket rounders session. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on this day and that earrings have been removed in advance. 



Please see the homework sheet for this half term on the link below: 

This will be printed and given to your child in school too. 


Maths Homework: 

It is ESSENTIAL that your child fluently knows their times tables both division facts and multiplication and have quick recall on these. Therefore, Maths homework will be sent home weekly and will be due in for the Friday of the same week.


Reading as much as possible will really help your child’s progress at school. Please ensure that your child reads at home at least three times each week  and that you sign their reading record when they have done this. This can lead to a prize from Mrs Seaton at the end of the half term. We also, have a competition running in school each week. The number of times each child in the class reads each week is added up and the class that has read the most receives a prize in our assembly on a Monday morning. If the children read five or more times in a week they can gain a prize in class each week! It is very important that they understand what they are reading, a few minutes spent asking questions about what has been read helps children to develop comprehension skills which are vital to their education.  



Please look at the literacy non-negotiables to see what is expected in Year 3.

This half term we are focussing on: Character and Setting descriptions, Non-chronological reports and Flashbacks. 

We will be focussing on these books: 

The Captive Celt by Terry Deary: 



Land of the Gods Romans V Celts by Sally Prue: 


 Our SPAG sessions will focus on: Sentence types, Punctuating direct speech, Was and Where, When to use a full stop and editing. 

Our spelling focus, is the Year 3/4 statutory spellings. Our spellings will be learnt in class and the children will complete a Spelling Quiz on a Friday morning. 


Please look at the maths non-negotiables to see what is expected in Year 3.

This half term the children will be focussing on Shape and Statistics. 

We will be focussing on the following skills: 

 - Measuring and drawing accurately

- Horizontal and Vertical Lines

- Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

- Recognising and describing 2D shapes. 

- Drawing polygons

- Recognising and describing 3D shapes

- Making 3D shapes


- Interpreting pictograms

- Drawing pictograms

- Interpreting bar charts

- Drawing bar charts

- Collecting and representing data

- Two - way tables


Our topic for this half term is The Rotten Romans!


Our Topic work will, link closely to our Literacy work. Each week we will be exploring a key question which will develop our History and Geography skills: 

Week 1: Where did the Romans come from? How do we know about the Roman Empire?

Week 2: Tuesday 13th June 2023 - Roman Day in school. 

Week 3: Who was in charge of the Roman Empire? Did the Roman's have a strong army?

Week 4: How did the Roman settlements compare to the Celtic villages? 

Week 5: How did the Romans protect their land?

Week 6: What happened in the final years of the Roman Empire?

Awards 2022-2023

We have a brand new award system beginning in Spring 2023!
We now have 12 values that we believe are the beating heart of Coppice and we shall refer to these as our "CARE Values" these have been selected in consultation with our children and staff.
C stands for: confident, committed and considerate
A stands for: accepting, aspirational and achieving
R stands for: respectful, responsible and resilience
E stands for: excellent, empathetic and enthusiastic

We are very excited to be starting work on our new values system when we come back in school in January.  Each week we have a new value – 12 in total.  Our first value will be Respect.  The children will have an assembly Monday morning about how to show and give respect to others both in school and at home!  We will be expecting this to be demonstrated to all members of our Coppice community,  it is important that even when we move onto a new value, the old one isn’t lost.

Our new core values will now form the basis of our ambassador passports (these have now been renamed – core value passports and the children can achieve their bronze, silver and gold awards throughout the year for each core value. We will of course keep you informed about how your child is getting on with this throughout the year.

Each week Mrs Seaton will send out a Newsletter that will reflect the value we are working on so that it can also be supported at home.  We look forward to seeing our children bright and early ready to embrace the new weekly challenges



Monday 5th June - First day back!

Tuesday 13th June - Year 3 Roman  Day

Wednesday 14th June- Family Fun Run

Monday 19th June- Inset Day

Wednesday 21st June- Open Afternoon to celebrate our 70th birthday. 

Thursday 22nd June- Class photographs

Tuesday 27th June- Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Friday 30th June- Evening celebration in school for Jubilee 

Wednesday 5th July- Whole school transition day. 

Thursday 12th July- Bike ability for Year 3

Friday 21st July - Last Day of term